Personal Privacy Policy for GBT template

1. Person responsible for personal data

This privacy statement applies to the collection and use of personal data on (the "Website") and in connection with purchases and other matters in GBTmall's stores. Here you will find information about what personal data is collected, what they are used for and what rights you have.

GBTmall's data protection representative can be contacted at: infosec@

2. Why do we collect personal information and what kind of information do we collect?

Below we have produced an overview of what personal data we collect about you and what we use it for. We also state our basis for treatment in the various cases:

  • Entering and executing agreements: When purchasing any of our products, we record names, telephone numbers, payment information, the type of goods or services you have purchased and when you bought them, and any delivery information. If the item is to be sent to you, we also register a delivery address. In addition, we can also process information about returns.
  • Our administration of sales: When purchasing products in stores, we use your name or telephone number as an identifier for payment at the checkout and to be able to make internal settlements against employees and suppliers of our products. We support our processing of our legitimate need to be able to manage sales and operations appropriately and have made the assessment that these interests outweigh your protection of your personal information.
  • Complaints and repairs: If you are advertising a product or ask us to make a repair, we need contact information to register the complaint, carry out the repair and provide information on service status, service history, possible product upgrades, and to keep you up to date.

The treatment is necessary for us to fulfill our obligations under an agreement with you. Some suppliers also require you to be identified in order for them to approve or carry out the repair themselves. In these cases, we share the necessary personal information with that provider.

The purpose of the registration of the information is to fulfill and administer our agreement with you and to monitor the sales internally within our organization. The basis for our processing of the data is to fulfill the agreement with you. However, when we use this personal information for the purposes of establishing a customer profile for you, to provide you with targeted marketing and to meet our need to be able to manage sales appropriately, however, we support our treatment on a balance of interest, and we have made that assessment that your protection of your personal data does not exceed these interests.

    • Customer service: Depending on what the question is and what channel you use to contact us, we need to know who you are, what product you have purchased, your address and / or your phone number. We only process the personal information we need to help you; name, purchase history and contact information (email, phone number). We have determined that we have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data in order to answer your questions as relevant and accurate as possible and that our interest in this processing outweighs the protection of your personal data when you contact us and request service.
    • Creating a user account: In connection with your purchase, we want to establish a customer account for you, if you do not already have one. Your purchases will then be linked to your account. Your purchase history and your transactions will be available under «My Page» The purpose of the processing is to enable you as a customer to track your deliveries, cancel or cancel purchases, see your purchase history from both our online store and our physical stores as well as enable for you to activate licenses or download electronic content and print receipts on your purchases. We want you as a customer to be able to use self-service to the greatest extent possible. You will have access to your personal data through your account and you have the opportunity to have your purchase history information and your account with GBTmall disclosed or deleted. In order for you to have your information disclosed and possibly deleted, we will ask that you identify yourself via email or sms.
    • User Account Management:

    We have access to your customer account and customer profile to be able to manage your contact information and any consent you have given to receive our newsletter, promotional offers or similar. Since we are responsible for ensuring that our information about you is up to date, we will receive information from third parties to update information that you have provided us regarding address, name, mobile number, telephone, gender and age.

    We have determined that we have a legitimate interest in streamlining our contact with you and of processing your personal data through a customer account and that our interest outweighs any inconvenience to you, especially as this processing also facilitates contact with us for you .

    • Personalized information online:

    GBTmall wants to be able to adapt its marketing and information to you as a customer in the best possible way. This means that if you are logged into your customer account where you are identified by your email address, name, address and purchase history then we will use the information in your customer account to customize the content in line with your purchase history and recommend products that are relevant to you on all the devices you are logged into.

    If you are not logged in, we will be able to use the information stored in the cookie that you have accepted in your browser for the same purpose. You can delete the cookie yourself whenever you want through settings in your browser.

    When you enter our domains, we have a legitimate interest in marketing products that correspond to the products on which our relationship with you is based, and in our opinion, this interest considers any inconvenience to you. For direct marketing via e-mail and sms etc. we will obtain your consent.

    • Further development of services and safe operation:

    In order to be able to further develop our services and operate our website in a good and responsible manner, we need to be able to produce statistics on such things as traffic, purchases and user behavior on the website. We may also need to gain knowledge about fraud and take steps to prevent this. In addition, in this context, we will occasionally use personal data to test our systems. We will, as far as possible, use aggregated data for these purposes.

    In our opinion, we have a legitimate interest in developing and improving our services and in making the operation of our site secure and the limited processing of your personal data that this interest entails is considered to weigh more than any inconvenience to you as a user.

    Information collection using cookies is described in more detail in Chapter 6 below.

    3. With which parties do we share your personal information?

    In some cases, other businesses will have access to your personal information.

    • Affiliates: We have partnered with selected companies that allow these companies ("Affiliates") to sell their own products on the Website, and in individual cases we also provide affiliates' products and services (eg insurance or financing). If you purchase a product that has been delivered by one of our partners, the partner is responsible for personal data for the information that it processes about you in order to fulfill the purchase agreement. Questions about the partners' processing of personal data can be asked to the relevant partner.

    • Use of external suppliers: If you order external services, the contact details and other relevant information we have registered about you can be disclosed to the supplier.

    Service providers


    marketing Network

    communication Agencies


    • Authorities etc.: In exceptional cases, your personal information may be disclosed to relevant authorities or other public bodies when such a requirement follows from law, for example to the Radio Service when purchasing TV. Such disclosure of personal data will only occur when we have an obligation to do so in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

    4. Transfer to countries outside the EU / EEA

    If GBTmall uses subcontractors that are established outside the EU / EEA, we ensure that the treatment takes place according to a protection similar to that applicable within the EU / EEA, for example through the use of the EU standard agreement, the Privacy Shield for the USA or other similar regulations.

    5. Login via social media

    In order to make it as easy as possible for you to log into our pages, we offer login via accounts with Google, Facebook or Paypal for you who have it. Please note that if you choose to log in through one of these accounts, the terms of protection of personal data for the relevant service apply to any collection of personal data or use of cookies while you are logged in.

    6. Use of cookies, etc.

    We use so-called cookies to improve the user experience on the site. A cookie is a text file that is added to your browser's internal memory when visiting or interacting with a website.

    You have the option to prevent such cookies from being placed in your browser. Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to change the settings yourself so that cookies are not accepted. The disadvantage of disabling cookies in your browser is that the site will not work optimally. The reason is that most cookies we use are intended to ensure the specific functionality of the website, for example, that the site can remember what you have put in the shopping cart.

    In addition to cookies, we also use other tools such as [Google Analytics, Google AdWords,] to collect information about your IP address, the type of browser you are using, your broadband provider, your operating system, the date and time of your website visit, and some information on how to navigate the site.

    We use this information to analyze behavior so that we can make the site more user-friendly.

    7. Storage time

    Your personal data related to purchases will normally be deleted when there is no longer a need to store the information in order to answer your questions and the product's warranty period has expired (for example, after five years for refrigerators), if we do not need the information for one longer time to fulfill other legitimate purposes or obligations under law, for example in relation to the Accounting Act.

    Personal data that we process with your consent as the basis for the processing will be deleted if you withdraw your consent.

    Instead of deleting the personal data, it may be appropriate in some cases to anonymize them so that the data can be used for historical, analytical and other legitimate commercial purposes. By anonymization is meant that all features that identify or potentially identify a person are removed so that the information no longer constitutes personal information.

    8. Your rights

    GBTmall values ​​your views. Here you can see your current rights that you can assert by contacting us here

    • Withdraw consent: If you have given your consent to receive product and service offers from us, you may withdraw this consent at any time. We have arranged so that you can easily refuse this type of offer in every message from us. You can also withdraw your consent by contacting customer service. If the processing of your personal data is done with the support of your consent, you also have the right to withdraw your consent to that processing at any time. In that case, GBTmall will cease processing this personal data. Note, however, that this may mean that GBTmall no longer has the opportunity to provide you with certain services.
    • Request for transparency: You have the right to access the personal data we process about you.
    • Request for correction or deletion: You may also request that we correct incorrect information we have about you or that we delete personal information. We comply with requests for deletion of personal data to the greatest extent possible, but not if there are very important reasons for not deleting them, for example if we have to save the data for documentation reasons. You can delete many tasks yourself. For example, you can delete your profile with us at any time.
    • Data portability: You have the right to data portability for personal data that you have provided yourself and whose processing, for example. is based on your consent or that the treatment has been necessary to enter into the purchase agreement with you.

    You have the right to request that the processing of personal data be restricted and to object to parts of the processing of your personal data.

    To exercise your rights, please contact our Customer Center. We will respond to your request as soon as possible but normally within 30 days.

    We will ask you to confirm your identity or provide further information before we complete your queries as above. We do this to make sure that we only give you - and not anyone else who claims to be you - access to your personal data.

    • Complain to the supervisory authority: If you oppose the way we process your personal data or have a complaint, you can also contact the Privacy Protection Authority (formerly the Data Inspectorate).

    9. Changes

    We may make changes to this Privacy Policy, for example, as a result of making changes to the structure or functionality of the Website. If we make any significant changes, we will inform you about this on the website and / or by contacting you appropriately.


    Last updated: November 2019